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The Construction of Incompetence 

Note: I am not generalising, but I am sadly speaking about the majority of those working (remotely I must add) in post-conflict settings. Not sure how much that differs from generalising but I do not give a khara. Now there are exceptions of course, but those need a microscope to be seen. 

Here it goes, and this is a cathartic exercise before I get another mouth ulcer, pimple, or further chest pain. 

1,2,3 FIRE 

It is seriously puzzling how some (incompetent) people pretending to be “humanitarians” working to facilitate the “reconstruction” of war torn countries lack basic ethics. Seriously … it is mind-blowing. The most important of such basic ethics is respect (or the lack thereof) to the people that they are pretending to be “serving”. 

Respect, you assholes (you don’t deserve it, clearly), respect that there are human lives involved in what you are doing. 

Respect the souls that suffered and the lives that were lost. 
Respect the orphaned and the widowed. 
Respect the pain and the grief. 
Respect the tangible and the intangible. 
Respect the history and the culture. 
Respect anything. 
Respect one thing and I, along with many others, will lolololeeeeesh for you. 

Actually you know what? 

Your disrespect is extremely destructive. It is more destructive than your government’s weapons industry (or better industries). And more destructive than your promoted democracy. For that without you, the ultimate destructors, the aforementioned wouldn’t be used nor promoted. 

People like you, i.e people who lack respect, are what causes destruction. The mindf&ck then is that you, the same disrespectful shitheads, with all rudeness claim to be working for reconstruction? Of what? Of something you destructed? How can the destructor reconstruct? The destructor can use some reconstruction but cannot reconstruct. Logically speaking that is. But logic my foot. 


Who tricked you into believing that you are competent humans? A human without respect can never be competent, BTW & FYI. Do you think you would have ever made it to the fake positions you are filling without your passport and annoying dialect? (Excuse me but that’s mostly the case. You can say the same about my mother tongue (dialect is too complicated for you), but that’s only if you can identify it, which is unlikely). Sorry to tell you but you would probably be and deserve to be unemployed due to lack of any shape or form of competence. Others deserve your job and pay checks way more than you! Sorry (not really). 

It is recommended that you go reconstruct your mentality … if that doesn’t work, then try constructing it. This might fail too but please oh please, keep yourself and your orientalist minds away from the orient. 

Closing remarks: this rant is an outcome of a month of intense suffering with incompetent non Arabic speakers who think they can reconstruct Syria with their orientalist minds. If anyone thinks this works, please do let me know how so. 

The trigger for the explosion above is an 8 words disrespectful statement “even if it is bad, it is consistent”. Courtesy of an analyst working on producing documents that would inform “reconstruction” efforts at one point. 

I would love to tell him: Darling, you are either stupid (which is a nightmare), pretending to be stupid (which is another nightmare), or both (back to back nightmares – a true story horror movie). 


The Disrespected’s Neighbour