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Time Thieves

Time Thieves

Strategically choosing to procrastinate is a healthy habit if practiced sparsely. In such cases, one knows that a break is required to allow the brain, body, and soul to recharge and reoperate healthily and efficiently.

But there comes a time in life when one (hopefully not everyone) encounters time thieves … and those come in various forms. But generally speaking, they seem to have intertwined time robbing styles. A common form is the professional time thief of the now and then, of the present and the future. They would rob you of your past if they could – but that is still pending the invention of a reverse time machine.

Those people pause your present by keeping you hanging … up in the air, they procrastinate to paralyse you (not the healthy sparse procrastination one chooses willfully, but a sick form that is enforced on you). They choose to “forget” and ignore to make sure that you do not succeed/sway/grow/expand. They never finalise anything they started (unless it directly serves them and their appetite to power & control of course). They have no problem with the absence of closure … they can let something worth 3 minutes drag for years. All while you are hanging there, trying to complete whatever it is that your bad luck made you start with them. And all to no avail.

Should you think of confronting them, haha (really – the worst of misfortunes is the ones that make you laugh), they will rob you yet of more time with their pathetic pathologic excuses and will subject you to their yet more pathetic sense of entitlement.

Those same thieves, of course, rob you of your future … by faking a bright future of we will do this and we will do that, by drawing a picture to a future that will be a base to your prosperity, success, happiness, whatever … all mostly with no action towards such a fakely envisioned route. The future becomes a replication of the present, over and over again. And it only gets worse.

Should one suspect being a victim to such thieves, one has to beware of
1 – Overworking to achieve closure because hanging in the air for too long is a horrible feeling
2 – Not believe a single word of the future faking attempts

1 – One’s overwork will be confiscated in one way or another (if they can steal time why would’nt they steal effort?)
2 – Your future will be empty, similar to their moral reserves

Instead, focus on yourself … focus on your goals … start working on an exit plan … all while completing what you signed up for, no more and no less.

And finally, always be wary that a time thief doesn’t only rob you of your time. Time robbing is just the easiest to notice. They slowly and tactically (read dirtily) steal your ideas, happiness, excitement, success … your anything and everything. They can rob you of your life if you let them. And they won’t even mind doing so as long as there is no tangible evidence.

And remember … it’s all manipulation. It is all manipulation.

To the time thieves of the world … it is never nice meeting you, but it is good to get the chance to understand your universal tactics