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Once a Decoy, Always a Decay

Once a Decoy, Always a Decay

In the world of deception and trickery, decoys are used to catch ducks, to divert attention in military operations, as improvised explosive devices (aka IEDs), and as false sonar targets amongst others.

There also exists a form of decoys that is incarnated in the form of humans … and those range in their desire to beguile others into danger. Any level or form of danger.

Ethics are the number one enemy for human decoys … they lack them and they can’t tolerate witnessing them being practiced by others. A human decoy’s automatic response (aka verbal attack because they detest written communication. It leaves traces after all) to moral behaviour is usually corresponded to crazyness, mysteriousness, stubborness, irrationality … the usual gaslighting techniques that are very much known to many people subjected to such decoys.

The more morality they see, the more deceptive human decoys become … all in hopes of achieving their ultimate goal of power, control, and twisting arms. From dodging laws to misusing money to misspending time to exploiting subjects … human decoys play freely and covertly. More covert than rock imitating IEDs planted on the sides of roads in conflict torn countries. Such decoys usually thrive in spaces and places where responsibility and accountability are marred with substantial gaps or where the surrounding has yet to discover or has already surrendered to their artful and tactful deception.

Regardless of all that, when a human decoy is in action amidst other humans, only one thing is definite – decay. And that decay comes in various forms that include but are not at all limited to dividing and conquering, fabricating and confabulating, smearing and vandalising, and impeding and paralysing … all done professionally with no traces left behind.

Try to expose them and you will sound like a nutcase! They are examples of why psychological abuse is not punished like physical abuse. They deceive and abuse covertly and clean the crime scene with zero fault.

However, nothing lasts forever. Nothing at all lasts forever. What goes around comes around even if after a while … and reflecting a bit more on it, it probably already came around, because how would such souls be at peace or ever feel genuinely happy after all?

To the decoys I encountered and to the ones you encountered:

Enjoy the misery that you inflicted upon others … it came around or will soon come around … the more you perform your decoy duties & the more decay you cause the more this misery stays with and within you.

Bonne Chance, Mazel Tov, Good Luck, Buena Suerte