Of Interest

Academic.Coffee  “This site belongs to Bram J De Smet, currently a Doctoral Researcher at the Tampere Peace Research Institute, Tampere University, Finland. Fields of interest include anarchism, feminism, necropolitics, peace research, torture, gender, grievances, violence, the body, bio/body politics, settler colonialism and decolonization”.

Burlyuk, O. (2019). Fending off a triple inferiority complex in academia: an autoethnography. Journal of Narrative Politics, 6(1).
Read on https://jnp.journals.yorku.ca/index.php/default/article/view/115/112

Doctor Ramani Youtube  and Website “Dr. Ramani Durvasula is on a mission to demystify and dismantle the toxic influence of narcissism on all of our lives”. (Do check her out as this world, particularly academia, is full of demonic entities).

Make Me Famous “Content Warning: This letter includes mention and/or details of sexual and non-sexual harassment, bullying, and verbal abuse that may be disturbing to those who have experienced trauma”. (For real, this can retraumatise).