Northwestern Syria Sub-Regional Profiles
Covering context, economy, and governance & services in 10 sub-regions
Food For Peace (FFP) /Offices of U.S. of Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA), May – June 2019 (author)

Northwestern and Southern Syria Stakeholder Reports
Covering structures, areas of influence/control, affiliations, sources of financial backing, community perceptions, roles and services, and relationships/rivalries with other groups
FFP/OFDA, September 2018 – April 2019 (author)

Ad-hoc Report – Local Councils in the Recently Reconciled South Syria
For Tatweer-DFID (The Department for International Development – Now FCDO), August 2018 (author)

Ad-hoc Report – Reconciliation Settlements in Southern Syria: Co-opting the Opposition
For Tatweer-DFID, August 2018 (co-author)

South Syria Weekly Humanitarian Access Team Updates
Updating donors, humanitarian agencies & policy makers on situation in Syria (author 2016 – 2018)